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Welcome to my New York Harbor Railroad web site. I will be documenting my design and construction of the layout here on this site. The location I have selected for my layout is on the West Side of Manhattan during 1947. The railroads included in my design are: The New York Central (30th Street Yard), Erie Railroad (28th Street Yard), The New York Terminal Stores Building, the Lehigh Valley Railroad (27th Street) and the New York Central's High Line. The Erie and the Lehigh Valley railroad where served by car float operations. The New York Central besides car floats was also served by the main line to 60th street yard and northward towards the Bronx.

DES-3 1529 Joins the Fleet

DES3 11th Ave 32nd Street NYPLDES3 Model

Original photo from the NYPL Digital Collection DES-3 1539 at 11th Avenue and 32nd Street.


Listen to me being interviewed by  Lionel Strang and Kaylee Zheng on A Modelers Life Podcast Epsode 161 1/18/2021.


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New York Harbor Railroad Update

New RS-1 Shells

Arriving on the railroad are 10 newly painted RS-1 Shells in the New York Central Dark Grey and Lighting Stipes!

New York Stock Company Dock

The Hide dock for the New York Stock Company

41st Dtreet Dock

New 41th Street dock also has arrived. New Waybill bob for this siding is awaiting signage.


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