Seven years ago today evil entered into our lives and changed the world.  On this solemn day I remembered our losses and I remembered how we all pulled together to help each other out.  I would like to take this time to thank the men and women, we as a Nation asked to go to War for us and die for us.  I want to thank the Police and Fire Fighters that risk their lives for us, as well keeping us safe.  In this drawn out and divisive Presidential elections season,  never forget those who woke up on September 12, 2001 and enlisted in the service of our country.  Never forget the victims of the first World Trade Center attack, the Sailors of the USS Cole and everyone else that put there lives in the line of fire for all of us.  Before we are Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives or Liberals we are Americans.  The terrorist did not card us on our party or religious affiliation when they kill nearly 3,000 of us.  NEVER FORGET!

WTC Tribute