Designing and Building the HO Scale Carfloats.

Carfloat Drawing

Carfloats come in a variety of sizes and type.  On the New York Harbor Railroad I will be constructing three different car floats.  The plans call for two 250’ three track transfer floats, two 250’ two track platform floats, on3 300’ three track transfer float and one 350’ two track platform float. The choices of material are vast and Craig Bisgeier presented me with a 300’ wooded blank that will be laminated with styrene to simulate the steel hulls of my era’s carfloats.  I have also constructed a blank hull from 1/8” styrene that Craig and I picked up from a Craiglist sale.

Nose of a carfloat
Steel Hull CNJ Transfer float

The parts I need to start fabricating and making a mold for are the cleats, toggle pockets, bits, vents, hatches and bumpers.  I will also need platform and roof supports for the platform floats.


Erie 5048
  Here are two carfloats with float 42 seems to have had it's platform removed. Float 5048 also has a sheet metal covering the bumper that is exposed on float 42. With Ellis Island in the photo it seems that these floats are bound for New Jersey

More to follow soon!

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