The session started around 7:30 and there was a motive power issue from the start. An Atlas S-1 had a gear issue and by the end of the night it stopped being able to pull more than a couple of cars. 28th Streets Proto 2000 S-1 had a phantom power pick up issue and I replaced it with an Atlas S-1 motive problem where fixed. There also seems to be a power issue with the diamonds. My post sessions punch list grew with a heaving issue at 30th Street. The rest of the evening went along fairly well. Ralph and Tom worked the critical jobs of Clerk and Mole operators. Ralph really defined the role with important input from Chris Lee who was the Conductor at 28th Street. I had built a rack for the clerk to use but had needed help setting up how the Clerk was going to use it. The idea came from Vince Lee's 28th Street Layout.

The Heave Ray Louis and the Proto 2000 S-1 Tom and Ralph The Clerks Rack Jay, Chris and Ralph at 28th Street

The night roll on with three south bound trains from 60th Street to 30th Street yard. There was also three North bound trains and a grand pull and push to Terminal Stores. Craig and Ted worked 30th Street most of the night. Jim and Wayne switched off working 28th Street after Jay and Chris finished the second car float. Craig had built and mock up of the 28th Street Freight House for tonight out of a scale print out I gave him on Wednesday. It change the look of the Layout and made the yard look more realistic!

Chris Lee at 28th Street Craig and Jim Jim and Wayne 28th Street 28th Street

The night start to wrap up around 10:00 PM as the Terminal Stores push was done and the third car float was finished up for the night. As I mentioned Rule "G" was not enforced and the Crew began to blow of steam and the after session feed back portion of the night started. All in all the general opinion good. I need to work on the mix of cars heading into 30th trains. Tom had suggested that I build a box to store the waybills for the clerk that would be broken up in to destinations. I took that advise and built one.

Ray, Chris and Neil Jim and Craig Tom and Ted Waybill Box