Tonight started off well with a good crew. New to the Railroad but not 28th Street is Rich Taylor. Rich has operated Vince Lee's 28th Street layout and tonight he is at the throttle at my 28th Street layout. Once again the very talented Ralph Heiss is the clerk. He has done a lot to get the Harbor Railroad operating. Rich and Craig where assigned as the crew for 28th Street. They nailed the carfloat operations very quickly and 28th Street ran very well!

Early at 28th Street Ralph as the Clerk 28th Street Action Craig at the Carfloat Craig Switching

Wayne was chief shunter moving trains to and from the mole yard. I was building them and Wayne got them there! Ralph used my waybills to build switch list for 28th Street. Ted Pamperin and Tom Callan where assigned as the crew for 30th Street tonight. They did very well and handled more freight than ever at 30th Street.

Wayne Leaving the Mole yard Ralph Ted Pamperin with and In bound Freight Ted Working the Freight 30th Street

Ted and Tom turn the yard over twice tonight! Rich Taylor was operator of George Berisso's SP&S layout that was taken down a few years back and entering 28th Street is an SP&S car from that layout and I was happy to get the shot of the two of them together. George's SP&S layout was the first operation based layout that I ever ran on. George left us way to early and Rich, Tom and many others kept the SP&S running 10 years after his passing. It was very cool for me to watch Rich who showed me how to operate, running 28th Street with Craig. The crew at 30th Street needed a hand run the Terminal Stores job so Wayne was drafted and he switch it out.

Crew at 30th Street Rich Taylor Craig and Rich Craig and Rich Wayne at Terminal Stores

Wayne is waiting for the Erie to clear the Diamonds to scoot back to Terminal Stores. The evening wrapped up with the appearance of a Scary Ralph? We spent about a half hour going over the railroad and the jobs on it. Much was learned and a good time was had by all! Once again Rule "G" was ignored, abused and ridiculed! Flying Saucers were served and the evening came to an end!

Wayne Scary Ralph?? Wrap up Wrap up 2

Wrap Up

After the fourth shake down of the railroad the new punch list includes some old items and a new one or two.  First off the turnout at 30th Street that leads to the team tracks need to be checked for gauge.  Next new cars from the Ralph lend lease program need weight and coupler inspections.  A new cleaning method need to be employed.  After extensive cleaning of the layout on Tuesday and Wednesday, the rails where dirty again and this hindered the operation qualities of Erie 308.  I need more waybills for the new cars entering the fleet and I need and on the spot waybill system to cover the balancing of car movements. 

No more shake downs until the High Line is operational! 

I need more throttles and UTP panels. 

I also need a second locomotive for 30th Street crew to be able to use.