June 5th 2009




Craig Bisgeier
Tom Callan
Phil Chiavetta
Ted DiIorio
Scott Dunlap
Ralph Heiss
Jay Held
Nick Held
Neil Henning
Rob Hinkle
Vince Lee
Ray Louis
Michael Maloney
Dave Olsen
Ted Pamperin
Bob Rose
Tom Schmieder

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The June Session became the most well attended session so far.  17 people came by and the railroad passed a major stress test.  Thanks to everyone that came down!  The pre-session briefing started off with the new additions to the layouts.  I handed out flagman for the crews to use. They seem to work out well.  There were also two new trains that headed for 30th Street.  The New York Central had the Pacemaker freight train terminate at 30th street. I now have that train on the schedule.  I also stop individually creating the waybills.  I created an Excel spread sheet and a mail merge in Word to now create the waybill.  This will give me some more flexibility. 

Crew Carfloat Scott at SJPT

Vince Lee and Tom Callan took the reins of 28th Street.  Vince Lee wrote a great article along with Tom Flagg on 28th in the ELHS Diamond.  It was a real pleasure to see him enjoy operate my version of 28th Street.  Vince Lee owns and operates his own version of 28th Street.  28th Street modelers unite!

Tom and Vince at 28th Street Tom Working the floatWorking 28th Street

Phil Chiavetta, Scott Dunlap, Dave Olsen, Bob Rose and Tom Schmieder, are all new operators to the Harbor Railroad tonight.  They are all veteran operators of many well established layouts and I was a blast having them down tonight.

Vince and Mike Ted at the MMROP Ted

Jay and Ray Jay Held Nick Held

Scott at 28th Street High Line Traffic Tom and Ray

The night ended at nearly midnight! 

Until the July 5th Session.

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