July 5th 2009



Operations Special Interest Group Operation Session



Ryan Anderson
Tom Callan
Jim Dalberg
Ted DiIorio
Dick Foley
Rob Hinkle
Jay Held
Nick Held
Neil Henning
Andrew Kiely
Tom Maule  
Sue Maule
Marty McGuirk
Matt McGuirk
Ted Pamperin
Jay Smith
Rich Taylor

Jim and Dick at 28th Street

Well the off again, on again operating session for the Operating Special Interest Group (OPSIG) is over and a good time was had by all.  The layout saw the movement of 347 cars on and off all legs of the railroad.  There were a bunch of new guys on the railroad and guys manning new positions. 

28th Street saw and all new crew or Jim Dalberg and Dick Foley.  They move two inbound floats and two outbound floats by the time we called it the session for the BBQ!   Tom Callan helped the figure out 28th Street and the guys caught on fast!  I acted as Pavonia and for the first time since the first shake down actually worked 28th Street.  I gained valuable experience to write a freight working book for 28th Street.

28th Street

30th Street had as its crew Rich Taylor, Marty McGuirk and Marty’s son Matt McGuirk.  30th Street is scheduled for a face lift this summer and the guys did very well in operating the yard.  The post op session wrap up showed that they were about to push the Terminal Stores job back when the BBQ began.

30th Street

The Active Staging Agent was managed by Rob Hinkle and Ted DiIorio.  They got most of the trains off on time.  At the end of the night there were 4 trains left to run but that was due to the shorter session time.  The normal operating session runs four hours instead of three. 

St. John’s Park Terminal was run by Drew Kiely and Neil Henning.  They did a bang up job at SJPT.  They were able to get most of the trains out of SJPT on time.  There was a couple of track issues the cropped up but Neil was able to fix them on the go.

The High Line Crews did well and include the Model Rail Cast Pod show host Ryan Anderson.  This was Ryan’s first operating session.  He got to run three freights on the High Line and with a little help did very well.  There are a lot of cars moving on the High Line and I need to see if I can reduce the size of the trains.  

All and all it was a blast having some OPSIG guys over!  After the session I hosted a BBQ for all my operators and visitors from the Layout Design SIG (LDSIG).  I had about 45 people stop by and see or operate the layout. 

The night ended at nearly midnight! 

Until the August 14th Session.

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