March 6th 2009




Craig Bisgeier
Tom Callan
Ted DiIorio
Tim Harrison
Tim Harrison (Tim's Dad)
Ralph Heiss
Jay Held
Nick Held
Neil Henning
Rob Hinkle
Kevin Katta
Michael Maloney
Jay Smith
Rich Taylor


505 Working Terminal Stores

Friday March 6th 2009

The night started off with my wife Janice picking up a giant 4’ hero sandwich for tonight’s crew while I picked up a couple of 12 packs of soda!  A well feed crew is a happy crew!  Emily (my youngest) also was a big help by running the cleaning train as well me.  She is 6 years old and had a blast running the New York Central RS-1 with the Centerline wet cleaning car and the Walthers dry cleaning car.

This is the first regular Operating Session of the New York Harbor Railroad went very well.  Tonight Active Staging Agent was Craig Bisgeier and the Float Agent for Pavonia was Ralph Heiss.  The crew at 28th Street was Neil Henning and Tom Callan.  The crew at 30th Street was Jay Smith and Rich Taylor.  The New York Central road Crews where Tim and Tim Harrison, Michael Maloney and Rob Hinkle and Jay and Nick Held.  The St. John’s Park crewman was Ted DiIorio.  Tonight’s floater and crewman at large was Kevin Katta.  I acted as superintendant and all around fireman.

Ralph Craig Ralph and Mike

It was a very smooth session.  The derailments were few and far between.  The railroad acted very well.  There was a radio issue with the NCE system but it did not impact the system very deeply.  The issue was isolated to two throttles.  I handed Craig the freight book and it guided him through the session.  Ralph as always wrote orders for 28th Street and did a great job.  Both agents did very well and the railroad ran well because of their efforts.

Tim and Tim Jay and Nick Ted SJPT

I had three New York Central road crews tonight and they did well.  I still need to add a double cross over to the High Line and again it absence was felt.  I need to put this turnout in before the next session.  Ted DiIorio ran the St. John’s Park Terminal as if had always been there.  All of the trains got run and a couple of extra’s as well.  Great job on the High Line guys!  This was also Michael Maloney’s first operating session and he did great.

High Line Crew 2 Crew 3

Rich Taylor and Jay Smith did very well running 30th Street Yard.  The yard had few if any problem with the track and only one or two cars had issues which I fixed on the spot.  Terminal Stores was the last job of the night and Rob and I did the last push.

30th Street Setup 30th Street Swift and Co

Neil and Tom ran 28th Street flawlessly!  They turned over all of the schedule floats and a few extra that Ralph fired at them.  The yard held up very well.  I’m grateful to all of the work my crews put into 28th Street fixing the problems from last session!

Working 28th Street Rob Switching TS Crew

Neil Working the Float 28th Street

This was a great session and I am confident that the April session will be a blast as well!

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