Association of American Railroads Operations and Maintenance Department: Mechanical Division

Effective February 1, 1960

B & O Documents
SIRT Howe Float Bridge
Erie Railroad
Form ST-347-1 1MM 6-54
Form OD-3884 300M 4-53
Wallabout Terminal Wallabout Terminal Color Hi Res
Andover Juction LHR Caboose

New York Central

1947 Freight Schedule (NEW Higher Resolution Color Scan) August 3rd 1947 Time Table

Haunted Roundhouse Trains June 1944

Performance of Three-Power Locomotives Railway Age March 5th 1932

33rd Street Yard Blueprints

33rd Street Yard East Side 33rd Street Yard West Side High Line 21st Street to 28th Street

Layout Documents

Form OD-3884 300M 4-47 (Car float Doc)


Railway Prototype Modelers - Valley Forge
2014: Adapting Prototype Waybills
NE Prototype Meet - Collensville
The New York Harbor Railroad: Prototyp to operating layout (2014)
Metro North Division NMRA May 17, 2014
Modeling The High Line


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