The New York Harbor Railroad uses North Coast Engineering Powerhouse Pro 5amp system purchased from Flying Scottsman Hobbies. At this point I am also using two PSTwo Circuit breaker and a single OnGaurd AR from Tony's Train Exchange. The WiFi Throttles is running on JRMI Panel Pro installed on a Windows Vista Profession (32 bit edition).

Throttle Access Ports:

1) NCE UTP Panels (9 Units)

2) NCE RP02 Wireless Base Station


1) NCE Pro Cab (Hammerhead)

NCE ProCab

2) NCE Cab 04p (2 Units)

NCE Cab 04p

3) NCE Cab 04pr (2 Units)

NCE Cab 04pr


Power Drops: Red and White 22 Gauge Solid wire soldered to each rail (red to rear). Over 500 feet used so far.

Main Sub-busses: Red and White 14 Gauge stranded wire.

Frogs: Blue 18 Gauge stranded wire.

Circuit Breakers:

1) DCC Specialties PSTwo Circuit Breakers (2 sets).

2) DCC Specialties OnGuard AR (Auto reverse for the Erie Diamonds)

Power Districts:

1) New York Central 30th Street

2) New York Central High Line

3) Erie 28th Street

4) Lehigh Valley 27th Street

5) Diamonds at 28th Street.

Power Schematics:

Simplified Power   Double Crossover


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