The New York Harbor Railroad uses:

Throttle Access Ports:

  • NCE UTP Panels (12 Units)
  • NCE RP02 Wireless Base Station
  • WiThrottle: JMRI
    • Windows 10
      • Serial Connection to the Command Station
    • Linksys Router


1) NCE Pro Cab "Hammerhead" (3 Units 1 Radio)

NCE ProCab

2) NCE Cab 04p (2 Units)

NCE Cab 04p

3) NCE Cab 04pr (2 Units)

NCE Cab 04pr

4) NCE Cab 06r (3 Units)



  • Power Drops: Red and White 22 Gauge Solid wire soldered to each rail (red to rear). Over 500 feet used so far.
  • Main Sub-busses: Red and White 14 Gauge stranded wire.
  • Frogs: Blue 18 Gauge stranded wire.

Circuit Breakers:

  1. DCC Specialties PSTwo Circuit Breakers (2 sets).

Power Districts:

  1. New York Central 30th Street
  2. New York Central High Line
  3. Erie 28th Street
  4. Lehigh Valley 27th Street
  5. Staging

Power Schematics:

Simplified Power   Double Crossover


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