The High Line

  • The New york Central built (in the early 1930s) a massive structure to eliminate the 10th Avenue line that ran at grade level. The prototype averaged 29' elevation to the rail head. It average 30' wide to 80' wide and was capable of supporting 4 freight trains at the same time on it double track main. The High Line or the Elevated Portion of the 30th Street Branch
  • The High Line ran from 34th Street to to St. Johns Park Freight Terminal.

Here is a listing of the industries served:

St. Johns Park
Morgan Parcel Post Building
RC Williams
Colod Corp
Spear & Company
Libby, McNeil & Libby

Merchants Refrigerating Co

Sealright Corp
National Biscuit Co (3 Sidings)
Shannon Bros.
Chudahy Packing
Magazine Shippers Assn.
Armour and Co
Universal Car loading and Distribution
Wilson and Co
F W Woolworth
NYC Cold Storage Warehouse
Western Car loading
NY Dressed Poultry Co.
Swift and Co
Gansevoort Public Market
Manhattan Refrigerated Company

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