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The New York Central Railroad had one of the only direct rail connections to New York City and more importantly on the island of Manhattan. There where a few yard on Manhattan the yard I focused on is the 30th Street yard. A few years back my friend Craig Bisgeier found an actual New York Central Railroad track blueprint of 30th Street. This large map is the basis of my design. With space in a model railroad always being a problem I was limited to only a few sidings.

Photo of 20th Street Map

Photo of Half the actual blueprint.

30th Street Yard section modeled

The section that is modeled.

Here is a view of Manhattan in 1928 Showing the railroads that are part of the New York harbor Railroad. The West Side Freight Line has not yet been built. 30th Street 1928

New York Central

1947 Freight Schedule

What came in to 72nd Street and 33rd Street Yards
West Bound
Train Time Station  Name Freight Connections
NB - 1 7:45 PM 33rd Street Pacemaker LCL  
NB - 3 9:00 PM 72nd Street   All Freight for Elkhart and Beyond  
LS - 1 10:45 PM 72nd Street   All Freight for Dewitt and West  
NH - 3 11:45 PM 72nd Street   All Freight to Albany and Points East B&M at Troy
East Bound
Train Time Station Name Freight Connections
NY - 8 6:00 PM 72nd Street   Perishables / All freight  
JS - 2 NY - 8   DL&W, Erie, PRR
BFNY - 4    
SLD - 6    
PW - 4    
NY - 4 12:30 AM 72nd Street   All Frieght  
A/CD - 4 NY - 4    
CD - 4    
XN - 2 4:00AM 72nd Street   Live Stock / Perishables/ All Freight P&LE
2/NY -6 XN -2    
HN - 2 4:15 AM 72nd Street   All Freight From Albany and Points East  
BN - 2 7:20 AM 22rd Street Pacemaker LCL  

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