Software used to design and operate the layout

Design Side:

Track Geometry:

  • I know that there are many software packages to choose from and I will not debate the pros and cons of software that I have not used. I selected “CadRAIL” version 8.02 from Sandia Software. I have been using it for many years and it does what I want very well.
  • UPDATE: I have just started using the NEW and improved version Of CadRail. The New York Harbor now uses Version 9.06. Bravo to Sandia on yet another fine product! I also will be using 9.03 to help my fellow modeler, Neil Henning to design his St. Johnsberry Railroad. I will pass on experience on designing a new railroad from scratch in the new version
  • Photographic:

  • There was only one choice for me. Photoshop CS5. Excellent software (very much over kill).

Web Design:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Structure Stand in software:

  • I purchased Model Builder and Brick Yard from Evans Software at the NMRA National Convention in Philadelphia in 2006. With out a doubt the WORST software EVER. Maybe useful for small structures only. Crashes way to often and it is useless for my needs. $50.00 flushed down the drain. I uninstalled it and could not use it.

Operations Side:


  • WiThrottle

Web Hosting:

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